Empower yourself before you try to empower others!

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

I wanted to start this organization years ago. I didn't know exactly how I would do this, what I would actually do, or what the purpose would be. I just knew I wanted to start a business that was going to make a difference in people's lives. At the time, I had so much going on in my life. My mind was focused on my newborn, my relationship with his father, and money. My thoughts were unorganized and my vision was hazy. I was unhappy in so many areas in my life and did not know how to change them. Well, I did but I was impatient with the timeline. I started thinking "How can I change people's lives when I am unhappy with my own life?"

Today I still have a lot going on in my life. I'm focused on my now three year old, creating a better co-parenting situation with his father, exploring the single life, and also creating goals and checking them off my list. The difference is I now have a clear vision of my purpose. I now have patience to withstand trials that may come my way. I speak words of empowerment to myself. I create my own opportunities. I am not perfect. I still lay in my bed and think about exercising instead of pushing myself to get up and do it. Sometimes I'm a bitch. I am. I know it. There are times new opportunities scare me. This does not fill me with doubt, but instead it motivates me to go forward. My son's father always told me "Nothing beats a failure but a try." I have lived by this motto since we met.

My point is that I needed to create a better me. I needed to create a formula that I would live by to create a more positive atmosphere inside of me! My life is still not perfect. I do not proclaim to know it all. I do know struggle, pride, pain, and disappointment. I also know success, humility, joy, and gratefulness. Before we can help our fellow Queens adjust their crowns to their liking, we must first dust our crowns off and practice walking around with it. You must learn to empower yourself before you can start empowering others.

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